To pick a Monitor Mount Stand, WhatsApp or email us with the following information and we’ll provide you our best recommendations based on it.

Monitor Specifications

  • Monitor size?
  • Monitor width?
    • Need to compare arm length with monitor width if you need to mount more than 1 monitor
  • Monitor height?
    • If you mount more than 2 monitors
  • Monitor VESA holes
    • Any available VESA-compatible mounting holes?
      • For more information on VESA holes, please visit this link

Table Specifications

  • G-Clamp on or slot in (Cable Grommet) , or free standing on table
    • For slot in type, any available cable grommets on your table?

NOTE: If your monitor does not have the required VESA mounting holes:

Simply purchase an add-on adapter (EM02), no mounting holes required, check it out below:

(EM02) NO-VESA Monitor Adapter: For monitor w/o VESA Holes


NOTE: For mounting more than 2 monitors, you need to check your monitor width to ensure that the mount can support your monitors side by side, check out the following link for more information: 


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Posted by Speed S Mount on Wednesday, 14 November 2018