Vertical mounting

Most TV monitor brackets and TV monitor stands are designed to offer both vertical and horizontal installation options. However, it’s crucial that we have a photo of the back of your TV or monitor, along with the VESA measurements, to double-check compatibility before you make a purchase.

If the bracket or stand supports a VESA hole pattern of 400×400 or larger, vertical mounting should typically pose no issues. Nevertheless, if TV bracket VESA hole pattern is smaller than 400×400 and the four mounting holes on the back of your TV or monitor are not centrally aligned, an additional adapter might be necessary to enable vertical installation. Therefore, we kindly request that you provide us with a photo of the back of your monitor or TV and the VESA measurements. This will help us ensure that the selected bracket or stand suits your specific requirements.


For all our rotate TV stands (MODEL XZ50, XZ55, XZ65, XZ75, 5200 L99HS),If the four VESA mounting holes on the back of a TV or monitor are centered, it is ideal for safely rotating the device,

in cases where the four mounting holes on the back of your TV/monitor are off-center, we strongly recommend that installers initially opt for vertical mounting. To achieve stability, it’s important to adjust the two TV bracket arms both left and right to carefully balance the TV in both directions on the stand, especially in the off-center position.