(K1) keyboard plate


K1  with 2 handle  SGD 45

K1 with 1 handle  SGD 40

K1 no handle  SGD 35

SIZE1 370*220 MM KEYBOARD with 1 handle    SGD40

SIZE2 450*220 MM KEYBOARD with 1  handle    SGD50

SIZE6 600*170 mm keyboard no handle   SGD 60

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can add to F100A DS90  DS90-2 TV11 TV15 w1088  and all the monitor stand to make a keyboard stand

Can add to W100B L100 L400 F3 EM403  all the monitor arm mount  to make a keyboard wall mount.

Can add to TRK-H37  EM102 LD86 TV21 monitor stand to make a keyboard floor stand


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